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OC: Antonia Curry's Mil File by Soulbrotha OC: Antonia Curry's Mil File by Soulbrotha
This is an entry for *Gizenya's contest for Miss or Mister Deviantart. Rules and info on the contest are here ([link]).


Some fight for power. Some fight for glory. Corporal Antonia Curry fights for honor, or in this case to restore the honor that she lost before she was ever born.

As a child Antonia wanted to be an international soccer star just like her uncle, the legendary Derek Curry. The people loved him, and she idolized him. She conditioned her body to world class standards, excelling throughout high school and earning a tryout with the Spelosian national team at the age of 17, just like her uncle had done 29 years ago. She jumped at the chance, but what she thought was a dream come true quickly dissolved into a nightmare one evening when her father Taj refused to attend the tryouts. Antonia had always asked her father why he supported everything EXCEPT soccer, and on that night she finally got an answer. Taj explained that when the war broke out, Spelos’ emperor implored every able-bodied man and woman to fight for the sake of the country’s survival. Much smaller than the other aggressing countries, Spelos risked being wiped off the map by far superior forces. Taj, an ardent patriot, had suggested that he and Derek enlist together, but Derek refused. Even after Taj chose to enlist anyway, leaving his unknowingly expectant wife behind, Derek refused to join him and embarked on a national goodwill tour for the troops with the Spelosian soccer team, but never left the country once. That was when Antonia realized the ugly truth, that her uncle didn’t play for the love of the people… he played because he was afraid to fight for the people. Sick and ashamed, she abandoned her dream that night and promised to wash the stench of cowardice from her family name even if it killed her. To her father’s dismay, she enlisted in the Spelosian Royal Navy with one goal in mind… a role in the most skilled black ops unit in the world, Amphibious Recon Platoon’s legendary U-Squad.

Antonia trained harder than ever, pushing her already amazing physical condition to unfathomable proportions. She breezed through boot camp and became a member of Spelos’ experimental amphibious infantry, a unit trained to fight throughout the worldwide island network that most countries had been reduced to as a result of previous war’s extensive use of destructive weaponry. When the Island Wars began the next year, she deployed with the first fleet available and fought at the forefront of every battle. Her bravery and abilities eventually caught the eye of U-Squad’s leader, First Sergeant Smith Rainey. Rainey made the offer, and Antonia accepted. Now she carries out the most perilous but essential task in all the military, risking her life to gather valuable intelligence, locate and analyze enemy strongholds, and eliminate traps, ambushes, and obstacles in advance of the fleet’s arrival. Missions often require long periods of intense swimming and maneuvering, forcing Antonia to work with no body armor and virtually no fire power in order to remain lightweight and versatile. Because of the nature of the mission, only one out of every three U-Squad members ever returns from a mission, but that doesn’t stop Antonia from performing with unwavering determination. She refuses to rest until she proves to the world the name Curry is not synonymous with coward.

On the ships and in the field, Antonia is calculating and ruthless, but “Toni” is a completely different woman once liberty sounds. A dancehall addict, she has knack for finding just the right spot to work away the stress no matter where she’s stationed in the world. All she needs is the rhythm of an entrancing reggae beat and the smooth taste of a root beer float to feel at ease. She keeps to herself, but she’s never really alone. Although he hated to see his little girl leave, Taj never stopped supporting Antonia. He writes his daughter all the time, and on the worst days, she can call him up and count on words of wisdom to lift her spirits.
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July 22, 2009
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